Receiving Your Equipment

If you are receiving your equipment directly, please be aware some equipment may require a fork lift to off load. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Yes, We'll Install it

Rates  for Installation vary based on your location and the type of equipment. Please contact us for a customized quote for your needs. 

Can I install a lift myself?

Maybe? That depends on you.  If you have a mechanical or engineering or contracting background, you might be able to but do you really want to DIY something that's going to hold 5,000 lbs or more above your head? We have over 30 years experience installing lifts and automotive equipment. Our installation rates are competitive and worth the piece of mind. 

How thick should my concrete floor be to support a lift?

That can vary somewhat by lift. Give us a call and one of our experts can let you know you're precise needs for the lift you're interested in. 

Is shipping free?

All Bendpak lifts ship for free, however, accessories and parts only ship for free if ordered with a lift. Otherwise shipping charges apply and sorry but our shopping cart isn't dynamic enough to support that option. Please email of call us for a quote on shipping

Returns and More on Shipping (This is Important, please read)

All Returns must be approved by BendPak. Returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Customer responsible for freight (both ways) and handling charges. No returns of special order items.

Bill of Lading  Shipments should be thoroughly inspected by consignee as soon as they are received. If any of the goods called for on the Bill of Lading are shorted or damaged, consignees should not accept them until the carrier makes a notation on the freight bill of the shorted or damaged goods. 

Concealed damage  CONSIGNEES MUST NOTIFY FREIGHT CARRIER AT ONCE if any hidden loss or damage is discovered after receipt and request the carrier to make an inspection within 48 hours. If the carrier is unable to do so, prepare a signed statement to the effect that you have notified the carrier (on a specific date) and that the carrier has failed to comply with your request (name of person you talk to, date and time of the conversation). NOTE THAT IT IS DIFFICULT TO COLLECT FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE AFTER YOU HAVE GIVEN THE CARRIER A CLEAR RECEIPT. File your claim with the carrier promptly and support your claim with a cargo loss and damage claim form, copies of the bill of lading, freight bill, product invoice, photographs, and inspection claim given to you by inspector after inspection is done. Note that S. A. White Enterprises, Inc. or BendPak / Ranger's willingness to assist in helping you process your claim does not make S. A. White Enterprises, Inc. or BendPak / Ranger responsible for collection of claims or replacement of lost or damaged materials. 

Missing or incorrect products and parts: Please direct request for missing or incorrect parts to Bendpak's Customer Service Department within 30 days of date of receipt of order.  

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