Toolin' Around with Steve


This is a place where I try to capture the wit and wisdom of Steve White

After 30 years in the Automotive and Garage Equipment business, my Dad, Steve White, has seen it all and has many stories to tell as well as loads of opinions and practical advice on all things automotive repair equipment related- including such gems as 'how not to lose your toes on the job site', 'what NOT to do if your lift won't lower' and the ever-green 'how to trouble shoot and not be a moron'. 

Given this treasure trove of information, I wanted to attempt to capture and share it  but my Dad is old-school and for as much as he knows about hydraulics and car lifts, and paint booths and air compressors, he knows squat all about the internet. It might as well be powered by magical hamsters for all he cares but fortunately, he has me and I have a computer and a somewhat quirky sense of humor so here we are. 

Work Place Safety

Making a safer work environment is one of the big reasons my Dad loves this business. When he was a mechanic, shops were often dangerous, hot and dirty places to work but modern shops have come a long way in improving working conditions, with major improvements in the available equipment. 

Working around big industrial equipment, it's easy to get complacent about the risks involved. (After all, who needs all ten fingers, right?)  While modern lifts are equipped with safety locks to prevent the car from crashing down, proper operating practices should always be used or there's a risk of injury. If your lift isn't functioning properly, if the locks are clicking out of sync, it's leaking fluid or the safety cable has broken, get a professional to repair it right away. You don't want to risk either the property or personal damage that can come from a malfunctioning machine. You can always call TGES at (813) 695-8165.

Keep your equipment and your investment safe

OSHA recommends a yearly inspection at a minimum and getting your equipment inspected can mean avoiding problems later on and costly down-time. Keep your equipment safely up and running, with a certified inspection. Give us a call to book an appointment.